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The first product in the world that combines hydrolyzed marine collagen, isolate whey protein, and amino acids, in addition to the most effective fat-burning ingredients such as (L-Carnitine, CLA). 

The Product is a perfect choice that women (athletes or non-athletes) are looking for, because of its unique advanced formula that supports healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints together, in addition to supporting and nourishing muscles and preventing their breakdown, it also helps in burning stubborn body fat.

The product is characterized by being free of carbohydrates, sugar, and fat, so it is suitable for all customers who follow different diets. It is an appropriate option for customers who follow the keto diet, as it contains MCT 50 mg.

The main benefits of the product 

It provides the ideal nourishment to the skin, as it helps in the freshness of the skin and prevents the appearance of signs of aging. 

Helps speed up wound healing and improve blood flow to the skin. 

Helps nourish and strengthen joints, and cartilage, and reduces joint pain, and knee roughness.

Helps grow and build muscles and prevent the breakdown of muscle mass in the body. 

Helps stubborn body fat and gives the body the energy needed.

The main components of the product. 

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen 10 mg - whey protein isolate (milk) 10 g - BCAA 3105 mg - Glutamine 3200 mg - L-Carnitine 100 mg - Vitamin C 50 mg - MCT 50 mg. 

Basic characteristics of the product.

Suitable for vegetarians and keto dieters. 

Free of added sugar, carbohydrates, and fats.

The product tastes like blueberries.

Made in Belgian. 

How to use

Mix 27 grams (1 scoop) with 3

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