Triple Vit Multivitamin

A natural blend of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to support bone health, support and strengthen immunity.

333 AED

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Features of Laperva multivitamin triple vit.

Better bioavailability.

This means that the body can easily absorb the nutrients contained in Triple Fit and directly benefit from the natural ingredients.

Support energy levels.

It contains vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, which are important for athletes and non-athletes in maintaining energy levels in the body, improving the rates of protein polarization within the body, and raising metabolic rates.

Support digestive function and health.

It contains useful vegetable digestive enzymes to aid in the process of digestion. It also contains psyllium or the herb pegol, which protects the body from constipation or diarrhea and is beneficial for colon health.

Support immune system functions.

It contains vitamins E and C which are important for the health of the immune system, and it also contains chlorophyll, which is important to support the immune system and purify the body from toxins.

Supports metabolism and increases burning rates.

It contains vitamins B and D which are important in the metabolism process and marine algae that support the health and balance of thyroid hormones.

Improve cholesterol levels.

It contains wheatgrass, safflower extract, and lecithin to strengthen blood vessels.

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