OPTITECT is the innovative technology for examining vitamins and minerals in the body

You can benefit from careful examination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and collagen for free.


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1. Innovative technology for testing vitamins and minerals:

OptiTect is based on modern quantum magnetic resonance technology. The device works by collecting the weak magnetic field that is felt by the cells in your body. After that, this field is analyzed with scientific precision to measure the levels of vitamins and minerals with extreme accuracy.

2. Identify the vitamins and minerals that are deficient:

OptiTect is not limited to reading the levels of vitamins and minerals in your body, but it also provides an accurate analysis of any element that may be deficient or defective. This analysis enables you to take the necessary measures to enhance the health levels in your body.

3. Integrated nutritional programs:

By linking the results of the OptiTect device examination with the results of the INBODY examination, which determines the degree of obesity and measures the BMI percentage and the percentage of fat, fluids and muscles in the body.

Our highly experienced team can analyze the data with high accuracy, then design the best nutritional program customized for each person according to the results of his examination, to enhance the percentage of healthy nutrients in the body.

4. Global nutritional supplements:

Based on the screening results and their analysis, we can also filter out the best international nutritional products that suit your personal condition.

  These products are available at Dr. Nutrition, aiming to enhance general health and support all different body functions.

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