Laperva Triple BCAA 3 servings

The product also work to support and build muscle mass and helps muscle recovery process and prevent muscle wasting, in addition to containing a unique mixture of mineral salts necessary to compensate for what the body loses during exercise.


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Basic benefits of the product: 

- Providing sustainable energy during exercise.

- Improve athletic performance. 

- Supporting and building muscle mass and preventing its breakdown. 

- Accelerate the muscle recovery process.

- Providing the necessary mineral salts to compensate for what the athlete lost during the exercises. 


Basic features of the product: 

- Suitable for vegetarians.

- Suitable for the keto diet.

- Free of gluten, added sugar, and carbohydrates.

- 30 servings with 4 great flavors (watermelon, lemonade, tropical fruits, and fruit candy).

- Made in the United Kingdom.

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