Laperva Super Burner Extra

The global product with a triple effect that helps to reach the ideal weight.

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Laperva Super Burner is considered the most powerful fat burner, which increases metabolism rates and also plays a key role in reducing appetite. 

The ideal combination contains a mixture of 8 natural, plant-based ingredients, which inhibit the storage of fat in the body, and also help to raise energy levels by converting concentrated fat, especially in the abdomen and buttocks, into natural energy for the body. and therefore the product becomes one of the most powerful fat-burning products, as well the formula has an effective role in reducing appetite because it contains natural ingredients that reduce the feeling of hunger and increase the periods of satiety.

Basic benefits of the product: 

It helps in burning stubborn fats, especially in the abdomen and buttocks, and it also discourages the storage of fats in the body, because it contains CLA.

Helps supply the body with energy, because it contains L-Carnitine, which helps convert fats into energy. 

Helps increase burning rates, because it contains natural antioxidant and free radical-resistant ingredients such as green coffee and cranberries.

Helps reduce appetite, because it contains garcinia cambogia.

African mango and cranberry help improve the natural metabolism process in the body. 

Basic features of the product:

Vegan capsules are suitable for vegetarian customers. 

American industry with international standards. 


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