Laperva Protein Bar is flavored with delicious chocolate, caramel and peanuts, rich in protein and nutrients. It is the perfect choice for athletes and while traveling.

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The best choice for athletes, long travelers, and mountain climbers.

Helps in feeling full for long periods.

It is characterized by containing 20 grams of protein, in addition to its high percentage of dietary fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety for long periods, as protein digestion takes a long time in the stomach, which enhances the feeling of satiety and reduces the secretion of the hormone ghrelin.

Helps stimulate the body to produce energy and increase the level of concentration.

It is characterized by providing the body with protein molecules and nutrients necessary to produce the energy it needs throughout the day, which helps in improving mood as well as mental focus, improving lifestyle, and stamina, as Laperva Protein Bar represents 20% of the body's daily protein requirement.

Helps nourish and build muscles.

Laperva Protein Bar contains 20 gm of protein to nourish the muscles with the right amount of protein and also helps the muscles repair themselves after exercising and stimulates muscle growth.

The perfect choice for followers of different diets.

Laperva Protein Bar is characterized by its high protein content and a very low percentage of carbohydrates, so it is an ideal choice for those who are tired of different diets, such as vegetarians, keto dieters, athletes, and others,...

A healthy and delicious alternative for diabetics and cholesterol patients.

Laperva Protein Bar is characterized by being free of added sugar and free of added artificial sweeteners such as (aspartame). It is also suitable for cholesterol patients because it is free of harmful cholesterol.

Free from artificial colors and flavors.


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