The product has a double capsule feature to enhance the bioavailability and extend its effect for long periods and also helps to mask the taste and smell.

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Laperva CLA Keto Cut works to reduce body fat & increase muscle mass.

Reduces the rates of accumulation and storage of body fat.

It contains CLA from Clarinol, which is distinguished by its concentration and multiplier effect than the natural CLA found in Tannin.


This fatty acid inhibits the storage and accumulation of fat in the body.

Supports blood sugar levels and aids in glucose absorption.

CLA is considered one of the active substances in improving the level of blood glucose absorption and improving the storage of glycogen levels in the liver and muscles.

Improving the body's internal energy production.

CLA is a source of energy as it absorbs blood sugar and converts it into energy in the body.

Helps improve brain function.

CLA is a source of omega-6 fatty acids, which stimulate brain functions.

Supporting concentration and vitality rates and raising burning rates.

The product contains 90 mg of caffeine, a stimulant, and stimulant, which helps to increase focus and increases burning rates.

suitable for giving energy to keto clients.

Suitable for customers following a keto diet.

The product features 50 mg of MCTs, a healthy short-chain fatty acid.

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