Keto Cola

The perfect and refreshing cola drink for long periods, it is a source of energy because it contains (MCT 5mg) healthy chain fats and caffeine, and it also helps in building muscle mass.


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Laperva keto cola fizzy drink.

A super source of energy.

Keto Cola features 5 milligrams of short fatty chains (MCT), which is a superior source of energy for its rapid absorption due to the short carbon chains, in addition to the presence of caffeine.

Suitable for all different diets.

Keto Cola is the perfect choice for many dieters because it is free of sugar, in addition to containing a short chain of healthy fats. It is also an ideal choice for vegetarians and all different diets.

Suitable for athletes and helps increase concentration and alertness.

Keto Cola is characterized by containing 100 milligrams of branched essential amino acids (BCAA) that help build muscle, and it also contains 3 milligrams of glutamine, which helps in muscle recovery and relieves pain after exercise, and Keto Cola contains 56 milligrams of Caffeine is a moderate dose to provide energy and alertness during training for athletes and other people during their daily activity.

A healthy alternative for diabetics.

Keto Cola drink is the perfect choice for diabetics because it is free of sugar, and is sweetened with natural stevia.

It helps keep the body hydrated for long periods and reduces dehydration.

Keto Cola is characterized by the fact that it contains important minerals such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium, which make it an ideal choice for those looking for electrolytes that maintain body hydration.

Suitable for all people with different food allergies.

Keto Cola is free of soy, gluten, lactose, dairy, and artificial colors.


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